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Each medical team member at Center for Advanced Surgery, led by Seble Gabre-Madhin, MD (Dr. Sebby), board-certified and Harvard-trained general surgeon, specializing in breast cancer surgery and treatment, is equipped to answer patient’s surgery questions regarding diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Dr. Sebby and the multidisciplinary team of medical specialists at Florida Hospital Waterman who she collaborates with, have extensive experience in the latest breast cancer and breast health issues, along with an array of general surgery techniques for conditions like colorectal disease, thyroid disease, hernia, gallstones, appendicitis, skin cancers and varicose veins.


Due to the nature of our practice, requests via the contact forms on our website may take up to or more than 24-48 hours to be answered. For all urgent and time-sensitive/same-day requests, please call our office directly.

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